Acupuncture For Weight Loss

Most people who have excess body weight find it very difficult to control their growing body mass. Long term solution for obesity was seen as a remote possibility, but, not anymore.

Modern world is fortunate to have had re-discovered the ancient oriental medical therapy- ‘acupuncture' for numerous human body health disorders. This unique Chinese therapy has been tried, tested and accepted world over by people who want natural solutions for health problems. Acupuncture for effective weight loss involves clinical practices along with good diet habits and exercises.

While some acupuncturists believe in marked point therapy, others find that the trigger points to insert needles are more beneficial. Actually, marked points for acupuncture treatment involves identifying and grouping specific meridian points on the skin, which according to some practitioners are vital points and can prove to be more beneficial.

From sharp stone like knives to silver pinpoints, ancient acupuncturists have experimented with many metal forms for making needles. Nowadays, fine stainless steel needles are used for clinical purposes for puncturing, pressing and massaging into the human skin.

Some highlighting features of an acupuncture therapy for long term weight loss help are as follows:

- A typical acupuncture therapy involves insertion of very fine stain less steel needles into meridian acu-points in the skin's surface to rectify bodily distress.

- Acupuncture actually helps to release certain natural body chemicals called endorphins, which relieves pain and reduces stress, tension and anxiety in patients.

- Thus the individual taking weight control treatment from an acupuncturist will feel an immediate change in his/her need to gorge excess foodstuff and may be able to control his/her appetite.

- Acupuncture assists in controlling the compulsive urge to overeat.

- Acupuncture therapy increases the pituitary gland level in the body, thus reducing the body weight in obese people.

Acupuncture helps the patients to reduce their food cravings, especially ones with high fat contents like pizza, oily junk food items, butter, cheese, etc that make people gain excess weight. By reducing the insulin level of the body through insertion of acupuncture needles in specific parts of the body, an acupuncturist opens all the blocked energy channels in the body system and helps the patient to lose weight permanently. Acupuncture patients feel really good about such wondrous weight loss therapy that has no side effects or addictive features. Acupuncture is a natural science that helps body fight health disorders by repairing the faulty organs and boosting natural metabolic rate of the body.

But, acupuncture treatment-like many conventional forms of medication has to be repeated at regular intervals to have good long term benefits. An acupuncturist will also become your health guide and instruct his patients about eating well balanced and wholesome meals. He will also give physical training tips so that you maintain the weight loss acquired from acupuncture therapy.

Medical science does not directly confirm the efficacy of acupuncture therapy, but research work carried out in this field has proved beyond speculation that acupuncture therapy holds considerable ground for successful treating of numerous health syndromes.

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