Should You Get Blood Tests Monthly?

Monthly blood tests can help protect you and your sexual partners from sexually transmitted diseases. If you are regularly tested, you can ensure that you know as soon as possible if you have been infected, and that you can quickly obtain the treatment you need. Monthly testing can enable you to take care of your own body, and also to avoid infecting anyone else. It is the responsible thing to do if you are worried about contracting or spreading sexually transmitted diseases.

It is not always necessary to undergo monthly blood tests since your sexual behavior will determine whether you are at risk. If you have not been sexually active since your last blood test, then you will not need to be tested again until you begin having sex again. If you have only been sexually active with a single partner, then you may also be able to undergo less frequent testing, as long as your partner has also been monogamous and they have also been tested recently. If you have had sex with someone whose sexual history you don't know, have engaged in sex without the protection of a condom, or if you have had multiple partners, then taking a blood test is very important. A monthly blood test can be a good idea if your sexual behavior fits into these sorts of patterns. You should consider getting blood tests on a monthly basis if you consider yourself to be in a high risk group for sexually transmitted diseases.

People who are under the age of 24 are considered to be one of the highest risk groups for sexually transmitted diseases, although your personal risk depends more on your own sexual behavior and that of your partners than on your age.

Heterosexual men are considered to be a low risk group since they are less likely to become infected and the symptoms of many STDs are less severe in men, so many men will only be tested for STDs if they begin to exhibit symptoms. However, a man's sexual behavior can put them at a higher risk if they have been sexually active with a number of different partners, in which case regular testing can be just as important as for someone who is considered at higher risk of infection, such as a woman or a man who engages in sexual activity with other men. It is important not to feel complacent simply because of your age or sex, since it can only take a single interaction with one infected individual to become infected, whoever you are.

Anyone who works in the sex industry is also considered to be at a high risk of contracting an STD, so if you work in this sector or have had sexual contact with someone who does, it is important to get tested regularly. Monthly blood tests are required for many people who work in this industry, but even if they are not mandatory, it is important to protect yourself.

Having monthly blood tests can ensure that any STDs which you may have will be recognized and treated as quickly as possible. This can help increase the chances that the treatment will be as successful as it can be and that you are affected as little as possible. If an STD is not treated as soon as possible, it may have more serious consequences and it could become more difficult to treat,

Monthly blood tests can also be an important means of protecting your sexual partners since it means that any STDs which affect you will quickly be identified, and hopefully eliminated. By making sure that you are aware of any problems that may have developed, you can ensure that you avoid engaging in sexual activities while you are contagious. This will keep your partners safe and help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

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